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Nelson Mandela University

Policy for the promotion of academic integrity and prevention of plagiarism - D909/12

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I agree not to:

  1. make use of any other means that could inappropriately help me in my work.
  2. obtain or try to obtain help or assist any other student in any way with the assessment/assignment unless my lecturer has indicated that this is permitted.
  3. allow any fellow student to copy or use my work.
  4. accept assistance, copy or use another student’s assessment/assignment.
  5. submit work that is not my own.
  6. undertake to complete the assessment/assignment on behalf of another/other student/s.
  7. allow another/other student/s to complete the assessment/assignment on my behalf.
  8. take any screenshots or copies of the assessment/assignment for sharing with fellow students.

I hereby:
  1. Acknowledge that all the other rules pertaining to tests, assignments and examinations are applicable and that I am aware of the rules contained in the Nelson Mandela University’s General Prospectus, but specifically those regarding plagiarism and dishonesty - General Prospectus rule G1.27: Plagiarism and academic dishonesty - Access the full policy here Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism.
  2. I understand what plagiarism is and I know that it constitutes unacceptable academic behaviour.
  3. I declare that the work that I am submitting herewith is my own work. In so far as I have made use of other people’s work, it has been duly acknowledged and properly referenced in accordance with departmental guidelines and prescriptions.
  4. I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as their own work.